Special Activities Policies and Spectators

Hi Everyone!

We’ve had a few questions come up lately about the specifics of if/when spectators and members of the public can be covered by our Special Activities Policies. Since we’re heading into Spring and Summer, I wanted to take a few moments to give some examples that might be helpful. The shortest explanation is that spectators/members of the public can be covered for events where there is a “controlled environment.”

What that usually means is that everyone will be registering/signing in and is coming to participate in the program at the same time. Below are some examples of events that we often see where members of the public can be covered as well as some where they are not.

Spectators typically CAN be covered:

  • Award/Achievement Night
  • Talent Show
  • Fundraiser
  • Demonstration
  • Workshop

Spectators typically NOT Covered:

  • Fair
  • Festival
  • Carnival
  • Open House
  • Tour
  • Livestock/Horse Show


This list is not meant to be exhaustive and there are definitely exceptions and grey areas inherent in this type of coverage. The title of the program is less important than the organization in terms of schedule and how people will participate. As always, if you are ever unsure about who can be covered under our policies, please feel free to reach out to our office and I will be happy to help!



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