What Does Camp Mean to YOU?

In our decades of serving camps all across the Country, the AIL Special Risk Division has learned that camp is much more than a place where kids go canoeing or get more bug bites than they can count or learn silly songs to annoy their parents with on the ride home (at least until they fall asleep that is). Camp is an experience that teaches youth important life skills and allows them to get outside of their comfort zones in a multitude of ways that they could never find at home. Even adults who attend for the first time as employees can learn, grow, and fall in love with camp in ways that they probably never thought were possible before it happened.

We want to hear from Camp Professionals about what camp means to YOU and reward a few who are willing to respond with $50 Amazon gift cards so you can hopefully treat yourself to something fun before the Summer officially begins!

Provide us with a few words or short phrases about what the experience of camp meant to you as a youth and/or how it still impacts you today as a professional.

If you have any questions about the survey itself or would like information or a quote or a camper medical proposal, please contact us. American Income Life Special Risk welcomes questions from any camp regarding accident and illness claims and camp safety.

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