Hope for the Best, Plan for the Worst

This was a phrase used a lot by my colleagues during my career in 4-H and I think it probably resonates with a lot of Extension professionals around the Country when it comes to considering insurance coverage for your Program. My name is Erin Bain and I am new to the American Income Life Special Risk Division. I have worked professionally for 4-H for 10 years but began my lifelong love of 4-H as a member when I was 7 years old. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Recreation, Parks, and Tourism from The University of North Carolina at Greensboro and a Master’s of Public Administration from North Carolina State University. I have worked at the NC State 4-H Office with grant programs, as a 4-H Camp Program Director in my home state of Virginia, and most recently spent 7 years as a 4-H Agent in two Counties in NC.

I am very excited to be starting a journey with AIL as the 4-H and Extension Client Relationship Coordinator. This new position has been created to help us at AIL better serve our largest client base and help you continue “To Make the Best Better” in all of the work that you do. I am going to be writing regular articles to provide helpful information about the policies that we provide and I will be here to answer your questions as well. The topic for my first article is a general overview of our policies and what you might want to consider when deciding which is best for you.

The Special Risk Division of American Income Life has a great history with 4-H and Extension, providing coverage for clubs and activities since 1952. We have several different coverage options that provide varying benefits and are happy to help you select the plan or plans that will provide the highest benefits for your 4-Hers. While there is no way to account for every single obstacle or issue that may present itself in a 4-H program, taking advantage of our Annual or Special Activities Plans can certainly provide a great deal of peace of mind for professionals if (or when) something unexpected happens.

Our Special Activities Coverage can be used for any 4-H programs or events. As an Agent, I used it for everything from day camps to teen retreats to volunteer training events. The policies are extremely easy to sign up for, only requiring a simple online form, and you receive an immediate email follow up with an official confirmation of coverage within a few business days. The online application for coverage can be found on our website. Depending on the level of coverage you select, anything from minor scrapes to major illness/injury can be taken care of by our policies and reduce the amount of worry for your 4-H program as well as the families of your participants. These policies are very affordable and you only pay for the actual number of people who attend once you meet the $8.00 minimum per event.

Our Annual 4-H Club Coverage is an excellent option for any and all organized 4-H Clubs or groups. These policies can also be used for advisory councils, afterschool programs, livestock show planning committees, or other Extension groups led by your colleagues in Agriculture or Family and Consumer Sciences. Like the Special Activities policies, this is a very affordable coverage option and can provide a great deal of comfort for 4-H professionals as well as your volunteer leaders who are responsible for a lot of the day to day operations of Clubs/Groups. At $1 per person/year for traditional members or $2 for those involved in horse programs, this policy is well worth the security it offers. There is a $10 minimum for these policies and you can choose to cover both youth participants and adult volunteers/leaders. A hard copy application must be used for this coverage, but a PDF of the form can be downloaded from our website.

The following charts provide a brief overview of the costs and benefits provided under each of these two policies and hopefully will be a good reference for you when determining which to select. Click on each table to enlarge the image. Should you need any clarification about these policies or have any questions at all about the services that the Special Risk Division can provide, please do not hesitate to contact me. I can be reached via telephone toll-free at 800-849-4820. I am excited to get to know many more wonderful 4-H friends and help however I can!

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