FAQ – 4-H Special Activities Coverage for Accident or Illness

Is the 4-H Event Insurance only for 4-H participants (registered members) and 4-H volunteers or does it cover parents, siblings, or the general public during a 4-H fair or 4-H horse show?

The 4-H event insurance, also known as Special Activities Coverage for Accident or Illness (Policy 717) insures all participants in any 4-H or extension sponsored activity.  Participants may be enrolled 4-H members, non 4-Hers, volunteers, parents, siblings, and guests.  The key requirement is that they are participants and not spectators.

For example, any participants and volunteers assisting with a 4-H horse show would be included in the insurance.  If someone is attending to only view the show, they would not be covered.  If a parent or sibling is assisting the participant, helping with a show function, or serving as a volunteer, they would be covered.  If the parent or sibling is only attending as a spectator, they would not be included in the insurance.

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