The Most Common 4-H Injuries

Thousands of 4-H activities are insured each year by the American Income Life Special Risk Division ranging from club meetings to county fairs to summer camp.  Not suprisingly equine related incidents account for the most accidents submitted to the company.  Broken bones after falling from a horse is the number one injury reported, followed closely by sprains and strains also suffered after falling from the saddle.  Bruises/contusions and head injuries after falling from a horse are the fifth and sixth most common injuries processed by our claims department.

Cuts and lacerations caused by a sharp object is the third most common injury suffered by participants in 4-H events.  No particular activity contributes to the incident more than others.  Injuries have occurred while fishing, whittling wood, working at a food stand, or hiking at camp.  Fourth on our list of most common injuries is physical trauma suffered while working with a large animal.  Typical scenarios are a youth or adult being struck or crushed while working with the animal in an enclosed area.  A youth being dragged by a large animal who bolts is also a common occurrence.

Overall 4-H and Cooperative Extension youth programs do an outstanding job of promoting good risk management and providing safe and age appropriate activities.  It is impossible to eliminate all accidents, so be sure to remain diligent in following and implementing safety guideline and rules provided by your state and county 4-H offices and the facilities used for the activities you sponsor.  When accidents do occur, we stand ready to respond promptly to the needs of our 4-H policyholders by providing excellent service designed to promote your commitment to the health and safety of the youth you serve.

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